People Getting Punched

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It does’nt look like zombie stuff in the first place, but it is!

YouTube – Saturday Night Live – People Getting Punched.


Zombie Bears

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Bad Taste Bears, see the Zombie versions below.

Via Nerdcore.

Zombie Class

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Zombie Class.

Virtual Shackles – Will Work for Brains.

Who knows when…

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Shattered Colony

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Pretty cool Flashgame: Shattered Colony.

Defend yourself from hordes of zombies.

Armor Games: Shattered Colony: The Survivors


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I love this gif.

(Click to enlarge)

Check out this one as well!

Via gifbin

Reanimated Yearbook

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Some of those zombie-style year book pictures on the right hand side look like my former classmates today…

Via: Zombie Yearbook-Fotos – Nerdcore.